Yoga Weekend South of Sweden!

September 30 - October 1

Start the autumn in the best way possible!

Learn more about how you need to move to keep yourself supple and flexible, the significance of strength, and the components you need to integrate into your routine to avoid injuries, stay in shape, and age in the best possible way.

We move through strong Vinyasa Flows with a focus on strength and flexibility. There will be playful workshops where you will learn headstands and maybe even dabble in forearm stands and handstands. Additionally, you’ll work on finding space and softness in your back.

We then land in relaxation, stillness, and tranquility with guided meditation and Yoga Nidra, yogic sleep. If the weather allows, there will be a Silent Walk in Fyledalen.

You will leave this weekend inspired to continue moving with joy, strength, and balance, and to dare to explore the possibilities of your body. You will have knowledge of what you specifically need to focus on to become stronger and more flexible, receive tips for a routine, and gain inspiration about nutrition.

Bäddar & Ängar and its surroundings are truly magical. From uniquely designed rooms to the breathtaking views, every detail breathes authenticity.

Various room options and prices are available to cater to your preferences.

Come, be a part of this enchanting experience.
Emilie 💕

This is included

  • Accommodation in a double room at Bäddar & Ängar from Saturday to Sunday, September 30th – October 1st
  • Brunch and refreshments on Saturday
  • Brunch and refreshments on Sunday
  • 3-course dinner on Saturday evening (excluding beverages)
  • 2 Vinyasa Flow classes
  • 1 Yang Yin class. 1 meditation session
  • 1 Yoga Nidra with sound bath
  • Breathing exercises
  • 1 yoga workshop
  • Access to the jacuzzi for bathing throughout the entire stay.

Preliminary Schedule

Saturday, September 30th

8:30 Welcome Circle + Coffee/Tea, Smoothie

9:00 Vinyasa Flow + Meditation

10:30 Brunch

11:30 Free Time

15:00 Nourishing Snack

15:30 Flow + Workshop Inversions

17:45-19:30 Free Time

19:30 Dinner


Sunday, October 1st

7:30 Coffee/Tea, Smoothie

8:00 Morning Vinyasa Flow + Breathing Exercise

9:30 Brunch

10:30 Silent Walk in Fyledalen

13:00 Light Lunch

13:30-14:45 Yin Yang

14:45-15:00 Yoga Nidra / Meditation

I will be your teacher this weekend!

Emilie Hallgard

500+hr RYT

I’m passionate about movement, about feeling good through physical activity.

It’s my firm belief that the key to a healthy – and happy – life is to move regularly. And not just moving in any way, but moving consciously, integrating the components of breath, gaze, and intention. Yet, doing it playfully, allowing yourself to explore the possibilities of your body and finding joy in learning new things.

It’s in this conviction that I create my yoga flows – they’re fun, creative, and blend movements not only from yoga but from all sorts of disciplines. I emphasize the importance of not just practicing yoga, but also incorporating weight lifting to strike a balance between pushing and pulling. Equally crucial are relaxation, meditation, and stillness.

My passion lies in helping others feel good through movement, showing them that you can age without pain, and that you can learn incredible things even if you’ve never set foot in a gym.

Welcome to my world of movement!

If you’d like to move together with me, you can download the Yoga Lioness app for iPhone and Android

This is what previous participants say

“Emilie is an amazing yoga teacher, so inspiring and knowledgeable! The weekend at Mossbylund gave me loads of energy and motivation.”

Anne Sandblad

“A very well-planned and fulfilling yoga weekend! Amazing location and replenishment for both body and soul. Excellent guidance from the Lioness Yogini Emilie.”

Ann Jennervik

“In April 2022, I had the privilege of experiencing a magical Yoga Retreat at the amazing Mossbylund. It was two full days with the theme of ‘Self-Compassion’. We started Saturday calmly with Yin Yoga followed by a small lecture on the same theme. After an energizing lunch, we had a challenging full-body Vinyasa class. We then had free time to do as we pleased, and the group later gathered in the outdoor pool before dinner. After the five-star breakfast, we had another tough but wonderful Vinyasa class. The weekend concluded with Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. The surroundings, sense of togetherness, food, but most importantly, the well-planned and unique classes made this weekend very special. It is important to sometimes focus on oneself and indulge in personal time that provides energy for everyday life. I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to join again next time.”

Alexsandra Benfield

Enjoy amazing Bäddar & Ängar

Read more about the hotel here:


The rooms

Bäddar & Ängar offers 10 rooms of varying sizes for short-term and holiday accommodation all year round in Österlen. It provides cozy accommodation in Skåne, suitable for anything from a relaxing weekend getaway to an extended vacation. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and unwind!

All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom including a toilet and shower. Additionally, each room is furnished with a television, small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker (with filters and coffee), kettle, cutlery, plates, mugs, and glasses.

The surroundings

You will, of course, have plenty of time to spend either in your delightful room with a book or on a run or walk along the fields.

The Yoga Space

Bäddar & Ängar definitely has one of the most beautiful yoga rooms in Skåne.

Magical light, immense space, and completely quiet and wonderful!

Warm Welcome!