What most people wonder about

The classes are what we refer to as “Open”, meaning that there will be options for all levels of practitioners. If you are a complete beginner to moving, a good idea is to start with the Beginner flows and watch the tips and tricks in the Grow Your Practice section. 

However if you have done other types of exercise it will only take you a couple of classes to get into it. 

The Lioness approach is not to mold you into a shape, but to find what feels good in your body, and you’re the only one who knows anything about that. 

You will be carefully and safely guided, challenged and taken on a transformationa journey, whatever stage you are at right now.

All Lioness classes are taught in English. 

If this is not your native language – no worries, it only takes a few classes before you get into it, and eventually you will get comfortable and used to it. 

The mail focus in the Lioness app is a strong, vinyasa yoga based method, integrating pulsations, dynamic flexibility, embedded strength exercises, and stretching – all combined in fun, creative flows for sustainable strength and flexibility and a mind in harmony.  

However you will also find a lot of soft flow classes, kettle bell classes and many, many Yin Yoga classes in here. 

There’s an entire category called Grow Your Practice including a constantly growing library of tips and tricks, workshops and other great material that will help you grow your practice. 

There’s also a specific section about learning how to handstand and members always get the best price on any separate Lioness programs. 

  • 3 Yoga class/week: 20-30 minute/ day, perfectly curated throughout the week to keep you inspired and moving
  • Schedule with 4 extra classes each week if you want do do yoga every day
  • Class styles are Vinyasa Flow, Soft Vinyasa and Yin Yoga
  • Full access to all the content in the app – There’s A LOT!
  • Access to a growing library of workshops – Handstand drills, Core work, Deepen your practice etc
  • Access to a growing library of meditations/nidras – Chakra meditations, Beginner meditations etc
  • New Weekly class – Something new to look forward to every week
  • Accountability Facebook group for support and inspiration – THIS IS THE BEST! This will keep you going!

The private schedule is often full, but send an email to emilie@yogalioness.me to check the availability