You will feel

Empowered Strong Graceful Beautiful

Yoga Lioness is an offering to guide you into a lifestyle where you feel empowered, strong and feel deep and honest love for yourself. 

The yoga is powerful, yet graceful, the meditation teachings will assist you towards inner peace and a life in harmony. 

The Yoga Lioness membership awaits you – when you are ready to commit.

Try out the classes and teachings for free in the Yoga Lioness app

Committed Lioness Membership

Yours to try out without cost for 14 days*

Transformation doesn’t come easy, and we can all use a bit of help. 

When you join the Committed Lioness you will be guided towards a healthy lifestyle where your physical body is as important as your mental state. 

Through short, but powerful daily yoga flows you will find strength and flexibility you thought were long gone, you will learn new things about yourself and transform how you look at yourself and your body. 

The Lioness is strong, powerful, graceful, nurturing and caring. She knows her inner divinity and acts from it in every step of this life. 

This membership will be your guide to a new, happier life where you find love in the small things and know to take care of yourself. 

The community is your pride, your group that will support you and inspire you and keep you going even when times are rough. 

*When your trial is over the membership costs $19/month.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Register for a full year before December 31st and get 2 months for free 🥰

join the christmas calendar

I know Christmas is a super busy time for most people, but how about giving yourself a daily gift? 

Give yourself 20-30 minutes of daily self love on your yoga mat. I promise it will do wonders for both your own stress levels and for the people around you. 

You absolutely deserve this! 

FREE Classes

If you feel like trying out a few classes there are always a number of completely FREE classes in the Lioness FREE classes category. 

Right now you get access to my Elements flow bundle, one flow every week, starting with the Earth Element Flow. 

In order to access the free classes all you need to do is create an account, there will be no need to enter any credit card information. 


COnsistency is the key!

Are you having a hard time doing yoga consistently, and thus not getting all the benefits and results that you were promised? 

No worries, you’re not alone! It’s really hard to do things on your own, and that couch looks soooo comfy when you’re tired after work and family and all the things that comes with being an adult. 

I get it. I’ve been there too, and it took a lot of hard work to make yoga something that I JUST DO, like brushing my teeth, and I have to say – that’s when things start to happen. 

It’s not about doing 90 minutes every day, or even twice a week – I can tell you from experience that short, strong flows, that you actually DO, and you do them often, are so much better than a few longer classes every now and then. 


 That’s why this membership is focused around consistency, around knowing what you should do every day (or three times a week if you’re more into that option) and having a community that supports and inspire you. 

This gives fantastic results! The members in this community learn so much, both physically and mentally, they challenge themselves, they play, have fun and all of a sudden the workout doesn’t feel like a workout anymore! It’s something you just do, and something that not only gets you fit, but that also decreases stress and helps you relax and sleep well. 

Look at all these fabulous yogis growing and having fun! 

Register for a full year before December 31st and get 2 months for free 🥰

Start today!

The Yoga Lioness app will help you create a crazy consistent yoga practice – even if you think you have no time or motivation.

Through this simple, yet efficient method, you will build the most solid habit of your life, unlock the amazing benefits of yoga and make yoga something as natural in your life as brushing your teeth.

This FREE Trial will get you going straight away – a new daily class to do, the community benefits, and awesome yoga workouts

Choose your perfect plan!

I currently have 2 different memberships, Committed Lioness with full accountability and access to me and all the content in the app (workshops, drills, meditations etc), and Full Lioness Library which only gives you access to the yoga classes. 


Committed Lioness

Schedule and community for results
$ 19
Per Month
  • - Daily Yoga class: 20-30 minute/ day
  • - 2 Long, sweaty classes/week
  • - Access to ALL content in the app
  • - Access to a growing library of workshops, meditations and Yoga Nidras
  • - Access to a growing library of workshops, meditations and Yoga Nidras
  • - Weekly Theme
  • - Amazing supportive and inspiring Facebook group to secure your results

Full Lioness Library

Only yoga library access
$ 9
90 Per Month
  • - Full access to the Class Library
  • - New class every week
  • - No access to workshops, meditations and Yoga Nidras
  • - No amazing Facebook group

From the Facebook group

This is the most amazing community which will help you stay on track and step onto your mat even days when you don’t feel like it. 

Thank you Emilie, now it’s no longer discipline but physical joy. I’ve been practicing with you since beginning of summer and this format suits me perfectly and I’m so happy you’re doing this! I’ve come to many conclusions this fall and one is that I feel my best when I do your yoga daily.

Stina Wessman

I'm emilie

I’m a Vinyasa Flow teacher & handstand coach from Sweden, passionate about delivering creative yoga flows and a yoga experience that changes the lives of my students.

I found yoga in 1999 and Vinyasa Flow in 2016, leading to a strong daily practice that I share on my Instagram account to inspire people to be playful and present in their yoga practice and in life. 

After a 200 Yoga Teacher Training, I started my own studio, online membership and I also teach handstand and advanced yoga to private students all over the world. 

I have a daily meditation and breathwork practice and I love not only the physical but also the spiritual side of yoga 💕 (yes, I crystals and insense and all 😄)


Some words from my clients

These are some words from my clients around the world 💕 

Kristin McGee


Emilie is truly such a talented, patient, articulate teacher. Her dedication to her own practice shines through; and inspires students to really want to grow and learn and give it their all. She is a yoga fairy! She is full of grace and kindness as well as strength and determination. I feel her warm presence when we practice together and always discover something new in my practice.

Nele Corthouts


I have been practicing with Emilie for almost two months straight now and she has been such an inspiration for me. Her flows consist of everything you need; strenght, flexibility, mobility and of course some lovely core work. They are so creative and always lots of fun. I have become so consistent in practicing every day and feeling so much stronger en flexible. I wake up every morning and wonder what she has in store for us.

Sara Vesterlund


Emilie is fantastic as a yoga instructor. She loves what she is doing and it shows! For me as a beginner she makes it really easy to get the poses and moves right. I started Emilie’s yoga challenge in July, doing yoga 3 times a week. Now I have practiced yoga for 100+ days in a row! I couldn’t have done it without Emilie!


Abhinav joined my 8-week program Modern Yogi Master Program and has since then been in the Committed Lioness membership.

Listen to his inspiring testimonial!

Who is this for?

No matter if you sign up for just the FREE trial, or decide to become a Committed Lioness, this should resonate with you. 

Start Your Routine

The key to become a yogi and experience an amazing life of inner and outer harmony is CONSISTENCY!

The Committed Lioness membership will keep you on track!

Vinyasa Magic

Have you experienced a real fun, creative, strong and sweaty Vinyasa Flow? I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it, most of my students do. 

Mind-Body Connection

But it’s not all about getting fit. You’ll take time to ground, to be present and relax. And while we flow you build deep mind body connection. 

Who is this NOT for?

If this is what you are looking for, I’m not for you 🥰

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