Frog Pose Yoga Flow | 35 minute Yoga Class | Vinyasa Flow | Full Body Workout |

Welcome to this frog post yoga vinyasa flow, carefully designed to open up and cultivate mobility in your hips.

In this 20 minute online yoga class (2020) you will build strength in your legs through strong balancing poses and a the same time work with hip opening poses and transitions.

You will most likely feel your legs burn, and when you lower down into frog pose it will bring both relief and intensity. Make sure to have a bolster or a blanket ready to make it easier to soften in, and try to enjoy the release of tension in and around your hips, keep breathing into the sensation.

We start off with some twists and core work, and as we move into the flow we work through tree pose, to figure four, and transition to warrior three and courtesy squats. After a short release in pigeon pose we find warrior 2 and a nice flow from reversed triangle to triangle pose, then to a leg burn in goddess pose and finally grab the bolster and lower down into frog pose. I’d love to hear from you!

Let me know how you like it in the comments 💕

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