Yoga for a healthy back | 40 min yoga practice | Vinyasa Flow

Welcome to your yoga flow for a healthy back! This is a flow that will guide you through yoga poses that will build back strength as well as back flexibility and mobility. You will release tension from your lower back and cultivate strength on your front side as well as backside and get a full-body workout. 

I was never a natural back bender and that meant I really had to work to create flexibility and mobility in my back. I very well remember the feeling I got when the teacher said to prepare for wheel pose. I could do it, but I knew it would be horrible and I would count the seconds until I could leave the pose. Now I love wheel pose! How did I do it? 

When I first started my yoga journey I was pretty convinced and focused on back flexibility, and overlooked the great part that strength plays. I also kind of avoided back bending classes because I wasn’t good at it. 

But then, of course, I saw people doing beautiful backbends on Instagram and Pinterest and I just made up my mind to give it my full attention. And when I started taking more back bending classes I realized that the more I worked my back strength, the more flexible I got! Like magic! 

So in this class, I have created a vinyasa flow that builds up to Ustrasana, camel pose, through fluid movement-building awareness and presence in your body. You will be warming up and strengthening your back throughout the class in order to be prepared for the peak pose. And if you repeat this class regularly I promise your back will feel stronger and more mobile and flexible, protecting you from injury and pain. 

The class includes a total body warm-up before you begin to flow through poses like warrior 1, wild thing, fallen triangle, anjaneyasana, forward folds, and core work. 

This backbend flow will leave you with a feeling of energy, joy, and a clear mind. It will make you feel less stressed and bring a sense of balance and a strong mind-body connection. 

I hope you enjoy it and feel encouraged to continue your back bend journey! 

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