What to do when you feel stuck or nervous

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to put yourself out there, whatever it is you do.  Sometimes it’s a presentation you have to do at work, in front of people who will judge you and it might even affect how much you get paid.  Sometimes it’s trying to sell your amazing product or idea using […]

How to deeply recover during your vacation

Vacation can be such a tricky time, we are so much looking forward to rest and being free, but at the same time we tend to fill it with all of the things we want to experience during the short time we call summer. But it is important to really rest. Your body and mind […]

Parent yourself? What’s that about? 

Parenting yourself means assuming responsibility for your own well-being, growth, and development. It involves nurturing and caring for yourself in the same way a loving parent would care for a child.

Embrace the Power of a Supporting Community on Your Path to Wellness!

Have you set your mind toward a healthier life, reaching fitness goals, and a more mindful existence? Well, guess what? You don’t have to go it alone!  In this blog post, I’ll dive into why a supportive community is the secret sauce to making your health, fitness, and mindfulness dreams come true, all with a […]

Boost your confidence with physical strength

In this blog post, I want to celebrate the incredible journey of building physical strength and the great impact it can have on your confidence.  I truly believe that getting stronger can unleash your inner Lioness and skyrocket your self-confidence. So, let’s dive in and get ready for a confidence-boosting adventure! Embrace Your Inner Warrior:When […]

Why you should strength train after 40

Let’s talk about something exciting today: building strength after hitting the fabulous age of 40! Society might try to convince us that we should slow down and take it easy as we age, but I’m here to challenge that notion. In fact, building strength becomes even more crucial as we enter this stage of life. […]

My 10 tips to get better at yoga asana

Are you going to yoga once or twice a week? Maybe have been for a while now? And you feel you have reached a plateau in your progress?

This is nothing uncommon, since when you go to your regular yoga class the teacher often has too little time to dig deeper into those things that can actually grow their student’s yoga practice. And that’s just how it is, there’s nothing wrong with it and a lot of students are perfectly happy with where they are and just enjoy that time every week when they get to move and breathe and relax in Savasana.

My 4 controversial (?) home yoga practice tips

I’m a home yoga practitioner. I love home yoga, just as much as I love yoga in a studio, and right now that’s pretty much what I get, yoga on my own. But yes, I do miss having a physical adjustment in pigeon pose or some touching words in Savasana, the smell of my favorite […]

Frog Pose Yoga Flow | 35 minute Yoga Class | Vinyasa Flow | Full Body Workout |

Welcome to this frog post yoga vinyasa flow, carefully designed to open up and cultivate mobility in your hips. In this 20 minute online yoga class (2020) you will build strength in your legs through strong balancing poses and a the same time work with hip opening poses and transitions. You will most likely feel […]