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Welcome to your yoga flow for runners!

This is a flow that will guide you through yoga poses that will help you release tension in your hamstrings, quads, hipflexors and glutes, as well as cultivating core strength and mobility in your lower back. 

I have been running off and on for almost as long as I can remember. I think that deep down I always wanted to be a ”runner” but I never really got to experience the ”runners high” and then never really got stuck. I enjoyed being out in nature and I loved the flexibility of it, but I just always experienced such a threshold to put on those shoes and get out. My theory is that I most often ran too fast, making me totally exhausted, and then it was so hard to put myself through that again the next time… And I also have the experience that the first kilometers are horrible, usually that feeling doesn’t disappear until after 4-5 kilometers and if I only ran that far all the time- what did I feel? ONLY that horrible feeling! I never got to that great feeling of ease that comes afterwards. 

As I got really hooked on yoga about four years ago, running became even harder. I experienced that the more I ran, the worse I got at yoga. My hamstrings totally clenched up, I just so tight everywhere and it made me really frustrated. 

But just recently I made up my mind to give running a go again, and I made up my mind that it should NOT make my yoga practice feel frustrating. So now I work intentionally with stretching and strengthening my hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes and quads before and after I run. And this class is excellent for that! You can also use it for days when you are not running, as a great complimentary workout! 

Tell me in the comments of the video how you like it!

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