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Welcome to this yoga flow for back pain!

This is the perfect free online yoga class (2020) if you are experiencing pain and tension in your lower back and you want to improve strength, balance, and body control.

Pain in the lower back is one of the most common issues people have with their bodies, actually, most of us will at some point in our life experienced this for one reason or the other. 

So what can we do about it? 

Creating mobility through controlled movement that builds both strength and flexibility is a great way to both prevent pain and decrease existing issues. 

By engaging your core in twists you use strength to protect your spine and prepare it for your everyday movements such as putting your child in a car, gardening, carrying grocery bags whatever types of movements you do that might jeopardize your spine health.

I love twist and actually start every morning with doing gentle twists in my bed, as well as stretching really tall and then a happy baby pose before I roll out of bed instead of jerking myself up. I find it does wonders for my mobility and really sets me up for the day! 

In this flow you will be doing yoga poses to help you release tension and pain as well as cultivating strength and mobility in your lower back, through a lot of twisting poses. You will be going through a creative vinyasa flow including poses like fallen star, warrior3, wild thing, half hanuman, and some inspiring twists and fun transitions. It includes a full-body warmup and relaxation and will leave you feeling sweaty and content after a full-body workout.

Tell me in the comments how you like it and don’t hesitate to connect! 💕

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