Yoga for a full-body workout | 40 min yoga practice | Vinyasa Flow | Yoga with Gingerem

Join me on the yoga mat today for a very fluid and dynamic flow!

This is the kind of flow I love for working my entire body and at the same time keeping very focused, moving with my breath, and finding a true mind-body connection. 

The flow starts off in stillness and moves through a nice, juicy warm up with some cat and cows, and of course strengthening your arms with Chaturanga and building back strength with cobra lifts. These are movements I love starting my classes with, they warm up my body and build strength little by little. 

If the Chaturanga holds feel far too much for you, don’t hesitate to put your knees down, but keep the awareness on your core, keep it super active. This way you will eventually be able to keep your legs up and still have integration in your entire body. 

You will then move through warrior one with an heart-opening arm variation and some dynamic pulsating movements leading up to humble warrior. Then you work through half hanuman, giving your hamstrings some love, and flowing seamlessly to pigeon to make your hips happy. And then of course some more core work in navasana – low boat to high boat. 

Try to focus on moving with your breath. Most likely you connect movement more to your body than your breath. If you don’t move your arm, it’s not going to move. Your breath however is there for you at all times.

For a moment just bring awareness to if you let your limbs control the breath of your breath control your limbs. If you notice that you start moving your body and then start breathing you are not letting your breath follow your movements, but the other way around. 

Instead, start breathing and just a microsecond afterwards, begin the movement and let the movement follow your entire breath. Let the rising of your arms really take that entire inhale. 

Try to keep this focus throughout the class and I promise you will have a completely new experience, creating a true moving meditation. 

Transform your life with yoga

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