My 4 controversial (?) home yoga practice tips

I’m a home yoga practitioner. I love home yoga, just as much as I love yoga in a studio, and right now that’s pretty much what I get, yoga on my own.

But yes, I do miss having a physical adjustment in pigeon pose or some touching words in Savasana, the smell of my favorite essential oil in the room, but hey – I believe it’ll come back! 

But in the meantime I thought I’d share some tips for getting rolling out the mat in your living room: 

  1. Get a nice outfit! Something that makes you feel amazing, a color that you love, you love the feeling of the fabric on your skin and when you walk past a mirror it makes you think ”oh, you look great!”. When you feel a bit tired and even rolling out the mat feels exhausting, you put on the outfit and I promise you it will be easier

  2. Listen to your body! I know there is so much stuff about incorrect alignment out there, Instagram posts with big red crosses on them that can scare anyone off. Honestly, I disagree of most of them. We are all different, not one body is like another and it’s more dangerous to get hung up on forcing yourself into some sort of ”correct” alignment (made up by who??) than listening to what YOUR body needs. Does it feel good – DO IT! Does it hurt – DON’T DO IT. It doesn’t have to look as in the pictures, YOU decide what you’re doing on the mat.

  3. Play! I’m all for using yoga for play! Don’t take it too seriously and use this time to get to know yourself and your body and the connection between mind and body. Being in your home gives you amazing opportunities to play around without anyone watching, you can bring a pillow, go to the wall, laugh out loud to yourself. 

  4. Move with music! Get a nice playlist and use the music to move, again listen to where you need to get some movement, where you need to release tension, don’t be afraid do just move outside of the specific asana. Yoga isn’t about the specific asana, it’s about connecting breath and movement and you can do that in any way you like. 

Remember, any movement is good (as long as it doesn’t hurt) If you just get on your mat and do a bit of stretching, you have succeeded! Be kind to yourself, always be grateful for what your body can do, and always give thanks to yourself after your practice. 💕

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