Mermaid pose yoga class | Vinyasa Flow | 55-minute full body workout

Welcome to this Vinyasa Flow yoga class working up to mermaid pose! 

This is the perfect full length online yoga class (2020) to spend 55 minutes cultivating strength, balance, and body control as well as releasing tension in your neck and back and opening you hips.

Mermaid pose is an intermediate variation of pigeon pose that combines a deep hip opener with a heart opening back-bend. The pose is very elegant and expresses grace and beauty and is often more accessible than its close friend King Pigeon pose. 

I have designed this flow to prepare your body both for the back-bend and the hip opener and you’ll be working through poses to strengthen your back and create the required mobility in your shoulders. This is done with cobra pose undulations and a lot of heart-opening fluid movements that will engage your core and your entire back side. You will also do a lot of hip opening poses like lizard, scandasana, and standing spits, all glued together with rather intense core work. 

The final mermaid pose is of course optional, there is no reward for completing it, but it’s a fun pose to work towards, and this flow will leave you feeling light, energetic, and open to the world. Practicing with a more advanced pose in mind is challenging, but that is also how you grow. If you always stay on the same path and do the same, safe poses and flows, you will probably get bored eventually and you don’t get the benefits of growing both physically and mentally. The final pose is not a goal in itself, but the journey there is what matters. 



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