NEW COLLAB VL x @gingerem-yoga


  • Engraved Lioness design – Symbolism of feminine power
  • Provides a magical grip
  • Ecological & made of recycled PU, Polyurethane
  • Natural rubber underneath
  • No toxins, latex, PVC, or harmful substances
  • Antibacterial & silky smooth surface
  • Perfect for Dynamic Yoga & Hot Yoga
1399 SEK

A magical collaboration


About three years ago, I first found out about Vackra Liv Yoga and their incredible yoga mats. From the moment I stepped on one, I was blown away by its amazing grip and stunning beauty. It’s the kind of mat that turns heads when you roll it out in a yoga studio, and once people try it, they can’t go back to anything else.

So, when the idea of creating a Yoga Lioness mat for the exclusive Lioness membership came to mind, I knew I had to capture that Vackra Liv quality.

Gabriella and I have been collaborating in various ways for years, and she has a unique passion for yoga, high quality and feminine power which is hard to find elsewhere. When I shared the concept of a Yoga Lioness mat with her, she was thrilled, and now, the moment has finally arrived!

Now you can finally experience the magical outcome of our super-powered collaboration.

Get ready to embrace this exciting fusion!


Just six months after VACKRALIV YOGA was created, VL crossed paths with Swedish yogi Emilie Hallgard, also known as @gingerem_yoga, renowned for her exceptional handstands and unique Vinyasa Flow. Her passion for spreading more Yoga Magic is truly inspiring.

Emilie embodies a wonderful fusion of yoga, meditation, and shares her joy of challenging herself through her successful app, Yoga Lioness 

Her unique Lioness Method is based on creative flows, where dynamic flexibility intertwines with strength, grace, and femininity, creating a yoga routine you’ll want to embrace for life.

VL and Emilie have been collaborating since then, beautifully uplifting each other as female entrepreneurs.

It is an honor that Emilie wished to create a custom-designed Magical Grip LIONESS Eco PU Yoga Mat to offer her yogis and members through the LIONESS APP.

Lioness symbolizes pure feminine power and beautiful ambition.