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I'm Emilie

Hey there! 

So lovely to meet you! I’m Emilie, the founder of the Yoga Flow Queen app and creator of the Flow Queen method.

I’m super passionate about movement, about making people like you feeling strong, flexible and empowered – and helping you create the habits and routines to create your dream life. 

Everything that I can do today in my yoga practice, I’ve learned at home in my living room, and I know working out at home saves me money and time and when you’ve learned how to do it, it gives fantastic results.

I love short, dynamic flows that fit into my busy life with two daugthers, a house and a demanding online yoga business! 

The Kickstart Your Habit Program

Many people have tried and failed to stick to an at home workout routine, blaming it on:

  • Not having the correct space
  • Not finding the right thing to do
  • Getting bored
  • Getting distracted
  • Missing the vibes of other people
  • and so on and so on.

But working out at home is a SKILL that anyone can learn, and that is extremely valuable to have. 

During 10 days you will set up a foundation for your new healthy and empowering routine, that will take you closer to the woman you want to be. 

step 1

Your vision

Get clear on your vision – If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, how on earth will you figure out how to get there? 

step 2

goals & Routine

Without smart goals that step by step take you closer to your vision, it’s almost impossible to move forward in the right direction