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1-24 december

christmas de-stress with 20-30 minutes daily yoga

How does it work?

I know Christmas is a super busy time for most people, but how about giving yourself a daily gift? 

Give yourself 20-30 minutes of daily self love on your yoga mat. I promise it will do wonders for both your own stress levels and for the people around you. 

You absolutely deserve this! 

  • Register for the challenge below, either for free or donate a little money 
  • Every day, 1-24 of December, you will get a unique 20-30 minute yoga class in the Yoga Lioness app – SO MAKE SURE TO DOWNLOAD IT! 
  • Classes will be Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Soft Flows – and some additional meditations and Yoga Nidras for hectic days
  • You’ll be part of a pop-up Facebook group where you’ll share your practice and get cheered forward by fellow yogis 
  • You have the chance to win 6 months in the Committed Lioness Membership- crafted to make you feel empowered, strong and graceful through daily yoga and meditation 

For sure I want to join!

Sometimes it’s easier to show up and do the work if you have done a financial investment. 

And of course, this is a way for you to tell me that you like what I do and help me continue spreading yoga in the world 🥰 

Whatever plan you choose, you are wholeheartedly welcome! 

Register here first:

The yoga lioness app

This challenge is only available in the Yoga Lioness app which you can access for both iPhone and Android. 

You can also access the content on tablets and desktops wherever you are. 

Apart from the Christmas Calendar you will have access to the Lioness Free classes. 

Imagine this!

Start Your Routine

The key to become a yogi and experience an amazing life of inner and outer harmony is CONSISTENCY!

The Committed Lioness membership will keep you on track!

Vinyasa Magic

Have you experienced a real fun, creative, strong and sweaty Vinyasa Flow? I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it, most of my students do. 

Mind-Body Connection

But it’s not all about getting fit. You’ll take time to ground, to be present and relax. And while we flow you build deep mind body connection. 

What do members say?

Thank you Emilie, now it’s no longer discipline but physical joy. I’ve been practicing with you since beginning of summer and this format suits me perfectly and I’m so happy you’re doing this! I’ve come to many conclusions this fall and one is that I feel my best when I do your yoga daily.

Stina Wessman

Thank you for this group! It makes me seize things I believe I can’t cope.

Louise Greco

Your yoga has been an important part of my 2020, and I’m looking forward to new classes this new year, and to continue yoga with you.