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Roll out your yoga mat and challenge yourself in this full-body power yoga flow for opening and strengthening your hips. In this creative vinyasa sequence, you’ll move through strong poses and dynamic movements to build strength throughout the whole body. Step off the mat feeling a little sweaty, enlivened, and full of energy!

I find hip opening sequences are so amazing for boosting your energy and bringing a sense of calm and peacefulness to my life – I hope you feel the same after this flow!

It’s also good to know that we often hold a lot of tension in our hips, and it’s not uncommon that you feel very emotional after a hip-opening yoga flow.

Try to embrace this feeling if it happens to you. Just allow yourself to feel and know that it’s a good thing. You are letting things go, things that you have unconsciously been holding in your body and try to feel that it’s a relief to let them go.

The flow starts with creating length and space throughout the body with some cat/cows and side stretching sequence, before moving into a juicy hip flow through lizard, pyramid, and fluid undulations.

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