Advanced Yoga | 20 min yoga practice | Vinyasa Flow | Handstand | Yoga with Gingerem

Welcome to this Advanced Vinyasa Flow! I’m so excited to share this flow with you, even though I know it’s just as it says- advanced. In order to follow along in all the handstands and transitions does require that you have an advanced practice, but you could of course always step or jump to the top and step back, it’s absolutely free to modify as needed.

The flow is based on Surya Namaskar B, which I generally love as a base for creative flows. In this class, I have added a lot of handstands in the transitions that are usually step back- step forward which definitely increases the intensity and your heart rate. 

One of the most important things when doing a class like this is to have a playful mindset, and not expect each handstand or transition to be perfect, just like life, it isn’t. I think that adding these types of movements into your practice not only builds strength, makes you focused, and really builds that mind-body connection, but it also lets you become a child again. Playing, falling out, laughing at yourself, trying again. 

It’s also a great opportunity to practice not being too hard on yourself. This is hard stuff. It doesn’t come easily, it takes a lot of practice and some days are great and some are a little less great. Just stick with your practice, keep your mind positive, and never beat yourself up the days when it all seems impossible. 

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