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During these 10 days you’ll learn the foundations of Vinyasa Yoga in order to set you up for success. 

You’ll learn things that are rarely addressed in a studio class, which will help you advance quickly.

Emilie will break down how to optimally activate and build strength, how to stay away from injury and how you will stick to your routine


Practice 20-30 min/ Day

The magic of this practice is that you don’t need to invest hours. 20-30 minutes for 10 days in a row will make you start seeing results, both in your strength and flexibility. 

A 10-day kickstart to your habit will also build the routine that allows you to continue and eventually find your own pace and weekly practice. 

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the perfect way to start your new habit

Master the foundations

If you’re a mover, a beginner yoga class can feel boring and slow. In the foundational lessons Emilie takes you through the basics while at the same time inviting you to move and explore. Yoga is not hard, it’s not dangerous and while alignment is important, it’s even more important to learn to listen to what you feel in your body.

Learn to Move with grace

Would you like to move with ease and grace?

In Vinyasa Yoga the transitions are of equal importance as the poses themselves. Mastering the transitions is what makes you crazy strong amd toned, and allows you to move seamlessly with grace. In these lessons and classes you learn all the details needed to begin to master the transitions and feel full freedom in your body.

Core activation unlocked

A strong core is the foundation of good posture, back health and mobility. 

In this program you’ll learn how to awaken you deep core muscles and how to keep them awake as you move. 

There will be no sit-ups, but plenty of fun core work that makes you stand tall and flattens your belly.


Poses and transitions break down

You will learn how to align yourself in Vinyasa Yoga, how to activate and move your body through transitions and pulsations. This will make you leap forward in your practice, helping you see results quickly and help you find a deep mind body connection. 

"I really must say Emilie that your flows are the perfect mix of getting the pulse up and letting the mind slow down after a hectic day at work. 20-30 minutes is about what I manage to squeeze in when I’m tired.
Perfect bliss!!"

Sofia, Student

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This is one of my absolute favorite apps for doing yoga. Emilie is an amazing creator of classes that always are unique.
Alexsandra Benfield
Emilie’s teaching is so fantastic to help with the subtle nuances of the different positions and her variations of practices that she provides each week make staying committed so easy and actually a real joy I feel stronger and more flexible and more peaceful than I ever have growing older no longer seems quite so scary
Leanne Martell
Thank goodness for your app Emilie. I was able to practice daily (almost!) despite being at the summer house or in the middle of my work day. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful app for us.
Alia Sahari
 When I did ”Legs on fire” I felt strong and flexible- It struck me that I can”t remember having that feeling for years - maybe decades
Sara Andersson
Thank you Emilie Hallgard for making it so easy to get yoga in between everything else in life! So grateful for this app and this community and so excited to continue and se what will happen for the next couple of months
Emilia Stertman
Emilie is truly such a talented, patient, articulate teacher. Her dedication to her own practice shines through; and inspires students to really want to grow and learn and give it their all. She is a yoga fairy! She is full of grace and kindness as well as strength and determination. I feel her warm presence when we practice together and always discover something new in my practice.
Kristin McGee
I am grateful having Emilie as my yoga teacher in so many ways. Not only is she great at giving clear and useful cues and alignment, she also has the ability to create a beautiful atmosphere in class. Emilie gives us students so much more than a great yoga experience, she also share tip about how we can practice yoga outside the mat, in our daily life. Emilie is a true inspiration for me ❤
Nina Palmgren
Emilie is fantastic as a yoga instructor. She loves what she is doing and it shows! For me as a beginner she makes it really easy to get the poses and moves right. I started Emilie’s yoga challenge in July, doing yoga 3 times a week. Now I have practiced yoga for 100+ days in a row! I couldn’t have done it without Emilie!
Sara Westerlund
Yoga has become like breathing for me and the reason is Emilie. I never thought I would be so obsessed/ dedicated to practice yoga every day! Considering that I tested different yoga instructors but no one, no one has caught my interest before until I visit Emilie studio and participate , then I was hooked. Emilie is an extremely dedicated, ambitious, inspiring, and challenging yoga instructor who makes me long for every yoga moment in her studio.
Diana Ekman
I have been practicing with Emilie for almost two months straight now and she has been such an inspiration for me. Her flows consist of everything you need; strength, flexibility, mobility and of course some lovely core work. They are so creative and always lots of fun. I have become so consistent in practicing every day and feeling so much stronger en flexible. I wake up every morning and wonder what she has in store for us.”
Nele Corthouts
Emilie is not only an experienced, insightful and highly professional yoga teacher - her love of life and yoga is so much inspiring and energizing. Since the yogi-master-program, yoga has actually become a part of my life that I no longer want to miss. I gained strength, flexibility and - most of all - joy. I am impressed, how 20 minutes a day is really make a difference!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Joana Tscheinig
Thank you Emilie, now it’s no longer discipline but physical joy. I’ve been practicing with you since beginning of summer and this format suits me perfectly and I’m so happy you’re doing this! I’ve come to many conclusions this fall and one is that I feel my best when I do your yoga daily.
Stina Wessman

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Emilie Hallgard

Emilie specializes in creating fun, strong and creative yoga classes that help women get, and stay fit over 40. 

She’s dedicated to helping women create a fitness routine they actually do, and to empowering them through physical challenges that bring them outside of their comfort zone, finding new means of expression. 

She’s the creator of the Yoga Lioness method and app.